Climate and Weather

Where we are
When we were planning our move to France, we took great care in choosing an area with an excellent climate. As we are on the South West side of the Alps, we enjoy sunshine very similar to the south coast, although with slightly cooler temperatures, we are East enough to avoid the worst of the mistral and rain of the Rhone valley yet North enough to avoid the intense summer heat. We consider the climate just about perfect. We generally have hot sunny summers, warm sunny springs and autumns, and cold sunny winters!. In July, we get an average of over 11 hours of sunshine each day and over 2700 hours of sunshine per year. Although we can't promise you perfect weather, we can say that it is very very likely to be good! 

We can't really expect you to believe all we say about the weather so below are a couple of links to weather and local sites that hopefully will illustrate just how special it is. The map shows where we are so that it's easy to relate to the forecasts. Our favourite weather site is the Meteo France one which tends to be the most accurate. Those interested in wind (fliers) might find Halo useful whilst the forecasters among you will like the aviation weather link. La Meteo gives lots of useful stuff including summary data if your French is good enough to navigate around.

local flying
weather stations
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