Terms and Booking Conditions

These booking conditions set out the terms of booking with Allez-up Holidays, and SARL REBINELLE:


Bookings can be made by returning a completed & signed booking form by the required date together with a deposit (normally 25% of the holiday price), as detailed on the booking form. The person signing the booking form does so on behalf of all persons detailed on the form, which means they are also bound by these booking conditions. All are deemed to have read and understood these booking conditions. The booking is not accepted and no contract exists until we have acknowledged receipt of a completed booking form, and the deposit payment cleared to our bank.
The contract does not include any travel arrangements e.g. flights, car hire, made on your behalf through us with a third party. Your contract for such arrangements is directly with the third party involved.
All cheques should be made payable to David Owen if in GBP, or SARL Rebinelle if in Euros.

Payment and Price

Once the booking is accepted the price is fixed as per the booking form in the currency of payment of the deposit, no changes to allow for currency fluctuations will be made.
Payment of the balance of the cost of the holiday is due at least ten weeks prior to the date of commencement of the holiday, no reminders will be sent. Failure to make this final payment will be deemed as cancellation of the holiday and the cancellation terms will apply. Any holidays booked within ten weeks of commencement of the holiday will require full payment with booking.
Security/damage deposits are payable with the balance payment, this amount will be refunded minus any damage or additional cleaning costs incurred at the end of the holiday.

Cancellation by the holidaymaker

Cancellations will only be accepted in writing. The following cancellation rates will apply:

  • Up to 10 weeks prior to commencement of holiday 25% of total price (i.e. deposit)
  • Between 10 & 6 weeks prior to commencement 50% of total price due
  • Less than 6 weeks prior to commencement Total price of holiday due

Cancellation by us

We will make every effort to avoid cancellation or changes to your booking and will only cancel if:

  1. We are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control ‘force majeure’.
  2. Payments are not received by their due date.
  3. Serious damage has occurred to the property (e.g. fire).

If we are forced to cancel as a result of 1 or 3 above then a full refund of moneys will be made. Our liability in the event of cancellation will be limited to the holiday price excluding any arrangements with third parties made on your behalf (e.g. ferries, flights, car hire).


The number of occupants and their status – adult or children, must be notified to us at the time of booking, the maximum number of occupants is limited to the number indicated in our publicity material. Any changes in status or numbers of occupants from that on the booking form must be notified to us as soon as known. Subletting is not allowed.

Use of dwelling

The holidaymaker commits during his/her stay to respect the state of the property and to compensate the owner for any damages, breakages or losses.

If you have a complaint

We aim to make your holiday as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. In the event of any problems, shortcomings or complaints please speak to us, or our caretaker immediately, so that we can attempt, if reasonable and possible to rectify the problem or situation.

Description of the Property

We have tried to describe the property fairly and accurately in all our publicity material and to provide representative photographs, if you feel this is not the case please let us know so that we can remedy any errors.

Insurance & Visas

It is the responsibility of all party members to have appropriate holiday insurance, including medical and repatriation insurance, helicopter rescue and air ambulance, together where applicable appropriate sports and dangerous sports endorsements.

  • For activity holidays we require details of cover and insurer prior to commencement of all activities.
  • Please read your policy carefully before arriving to ensure adequate cover.
  • Non EU passport holders should ensure that they have the relevant Visas for France.
  • EU passport holders should ensure their passports/identity cards are up to date.


We expect all holidaymakers to have an enjoyable holiday and to have reasonable consideration for others. If in our reasonable opinion or that of others in authority any person behaves in such a way as to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property we are entitled without prior notice to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned. The person will be required to leave the property and we will have no further responsibility towards that person.

Arrival & Departure

Normal arrival time is between 17:30 and 22:00 on Saturday, if you wish to arrive outside these times please let us know beforehand. We appreciate knowing your anticipated arrival time within this timescale where possible. Normal departure time is between 8:00 and 10:00 on Saturday, again please let us know if you wish to make alternate arrangements. On departure holidaymakers are expected to remove all their personal items including foodstuffs, empty fridges/freezers, empty bins, dishwashers, filters etc; wash up and put away all kitchen equipment, clean barbeque, return all items to their original positions, and to leave the property as clean as they would expect to find it.

Local Activities

Whilst we have extensive knowledge of local activities available and local suppliers and providers, and are happy to assist with reservations and to advise, we have not necessarily tried all the local providers personally. Any activities undertaken with third party providers are the subject of a contract between you and the provider and not with us.


Pets are only allowed in the property by prior arrangement; holidaymakers are liable for all damage caused by pets. Pets must not be allowed on chairs, beds or other furniture or near the pool or children's play areas.