Local Airfields

We are an ideal base for those whose passion is flight of all types and wish to base themselves in comfortable luxury accommodation or to mix a flying and family holiday. We are surrounded by a plethora of airfields specialising in all types of aerial activities from flying - light aircraft through microlights (ULM) to sailplanes, gliders and paramotors, to jumping - sky diving and free fall parachuting, to ballooning and helicopter training, with facilities for everyone from beginner to expert. A brief summary of our local airfields follows with links to their respective sites.

For sailplane/glider pilots wishing to fly in France special rules apply, for more details contact the bga or visit http://www.aircross.co.uk/bgaladder/FlyFrance.htm

Gap-Tallard - 20 minutes

The largest field at Tallard specialises in free fall parachuting but is also the base for several other local clubs and shops, and a number of businesses specialising in aerial activities from helicopter maintenance to parachute and paraglider repair and servicing. It also has excellent parachuting, paramotoring microlight and flying schools based at the airfield and several operators offering trips, taster sessions and activity days.

On most days the sky rains canopies and a procession of multicoloured planes take off, only to return a few minutes later as they race their cargo of skydivers to the ground to pick up the next batch while the first group hastily re-pack their canopies for another go. There is a cafe and restaurant on site so even if you lack the urge to participate you can sit and watch the colourfull spectacle.

Bartair run by Alain Barthere specialise in all types of flight training and also offer taster sessions and mixed activity days, where you can try one or several aerial activities.

Tours by light aircraft and microlight can be taken to view the Ecrins, the Cote d'Azur or even Mont Blanc or just a short trip around the Durance valley. We are happy to arrange flights or book on your behalf.

See Bartair or Gap Tallard Airfield

Sisteron Theze - Vaumeilh - 15 minutes

This is the closest airfield to the house only some 15 minutes drive, and is primarily a glider field. It has a very efficient tug service and an excellent range of very modern gliders for hire - provided you have the right qualifications and endorcements, at suprisingly low prices. At present they are unable to rent gliders to pilots with British licences. It also has an extremely efficient tug service and excellent and very reasonable training facilities.

See Sisteron Aero Club for more information.

Serres - 20 minutes

Owned and run by Klaus Ohlmann holder of several gliding records including the world distance record. Klaus has been flying here for over 20 years and his courses are legendary, as are his morning briefings. The airfield has a couple of gliders LS4b's, for hire and dual flights can be arranged with Klaus in his Calif, side by side two seater.

See Quo Vadis

St Auban - 30 minutes

The French national centre for Vol a voile, or gliding as we call it. Courses run year round with all levels of tuition and glider hire available. Flying here generally requires attachment to the centre and enrolement on one of the many available courses.

See Centre National de Vol a Voile

Aspres - 30 minutes

A small airfield just to the North used mainly by gliders and microlights, dual flights are available as is training.

See Association Aeronautique d'Aspres

La Motte du Caire - 35 minutes

Run by Jacques Noel this is a dedicated tow glider field situated right on the edge of the Alps on the East side of the Durance.

See Club de Vol à Voile de la Bâtie Neuve